I offer a unique data management system that utilizes all of the power and flexibility of MS SQL server, and MS Office software. The database model I offer can be custom designed to do virtually anything you like. It can be further developed by anyone trained to use MS SQL Server and MS Access. You are not bound to my company. This is not the case with other Mining Software companies. All of these factors keep my prices low, giving you excellent value for money.

Over recent years I have developed the following modules in MS Access that can be used to build a comprehensive database model for Minesites and Exploration Companies.

  • Drillhole data management.
  • Surface geochemistry data management.
  • Expit data management, including trucking, mined tons and grades, ROM stocks, etc.
  • Crushing data managment, including crushing, sampling, assays, QAQC. Assign crushed stocks to various destinations (typically port stockpiles), and calculate forecast tons and grades.
  • Haulage data management.
  • Rail data management.
  • Barge data management, including sampling and assays and QAQC.
  • Shipping data managment, including sampling and assays and QAQC.
  • Ship tons and grade reconciliations, crusher forecast, barge, out turn, and in turn.
  • Resource/GC Block Model/Mined reconciliations.
  • Daily and EOM reporting. Generate reports, that can take several hours to build in excel, in seconds.
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